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Why Amilinda relocated to Milwaukee’s dining scene


The Wisconsin 100 spoke with Orry Léon, owner and general manager of Amilinda, about what made Milwaukee the ideal location for his Spanish and Portuguese inspired restaurant.

“When visiting Milwaukee back in 2012, my partner Gregory saw the potential being offered and decided to relocate here,” Léon said. “While Spanish restaurants do exist, none, according to our research, combined the flavors of Spain and Portugal into one concept. With his experience in both cuisines we decided that would be the plan. The majority of our guests have been very receptive.”

Read the rest of the Q&A below:

Paige Pichler

What do you think makes your restaurant and business plan successful?
From the get go we knew we wanted to work with local farmers and have a limited, focused menu. Quality over quantity if you will. This allows us to scale everything based on what the farmers are currently offering. In effect, cutting costs because we end up with very little waste.

Can you talk a little about how you decided on your menu?
Our menu changes weekly, with changes here and there on a daily basis. This way we can incorporate the fresh produce delivered and keep our limited menu fresh and interesting. Just because you’ve seen it on our menu before doesn’t mean it’s the same recipe. While we do offer traditional options from time to time, the menu is more our take on a dish. The most common dishes people are familiar with when it comes to Spanish cuisine are tapas and Paella. We do neither. We chose to focus instead on the vast cuisines of Spain & Portugal that aren’t necessarily represented all that often locally.

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