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by Caroline Parsley

The Wisconsin 100 is where business and lifestyle intersect — a digital collection of inspiring, informative and intriguing stories.

The Wisconsin 100 features 12 business lifestyle stories in each issue — each article exactly 100 words or videos of precisely 100 seconds — dedicated to the people and organizations that make Wisconsin a spectacular place to live and work.

Content for The Wisconsin 100 is centered on the areas of Wisconsin where business and industry lives, developed by the Branigan Communications team and also in partnership with sponsor businesses. Some stories chronicle life and business in Wisconsin; others highlight how our state is influencing the national and global stages.

To sponsor an issue or learn how your content can be featured, please contact Tom Branigan at tbranigan@branigan.biz or 414-459-3944.

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To suggest a story idea, please email Janet Raasch at jraasch@branigan.biz.

About Branigan Communications

For more than a decade, Branigan Communications has made believers out of CEOs about how to use communications as a strategic business tool to drive revenue and build brand.

We provide services in integrated communications, brand strategy, strategic content development, social media strategy and execution and corporate positioning and reputation management to clients ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations.

Now we’ve added The Wisconsin 100 to our mix — an independent news platform devoted to sharing what’s great about Wisconsin. And there are a lot of stories to tell!

To learn more about Branigan Communications, please visit branigan.biz.

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The stories, photos, videos and podcasts contained herein are written by The 100 Companies LLC and its members for the benefit of its members, partners, sponsors, clients and readers. We hope you’ll enjoy our content and share it with other members of your community.

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