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Pączki Day in Milwaukee

by Jan Schroder

Among its many claims to fame, Milwaukee boasts more than 200,000 residents with Polish roots – making Cream City a veritable capital of Polish America. 

Come Fat Tuesday, you can bet there’s a collective hankering around town for pączki – the decadent, sweet and yeasty treats, traditionally filled with prunes or custard and deep fried in lard. (Remember: this is a last hurrah before the fasting associated with Lent)

This year, Pączki Day falls on Tuesday, Feb. 21; place your order today (for pick up on Mardi Gras) from Cranky Al’s, Grebe’s Bakery or Wioletta’s Polish Market … where they’re available all year ‘round.

– Hannah Van Sickle, The Wisconsin 100

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