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How many plagues before we change our minds?

by Jan Schroder

When Pharaoh refused to release the Israelites from slavery, 10 plagues changed his mind. He freed Moses to lead the tribes towards the Promised Land. Then Pharaoh reversed course, chasing them, leading his armies to be washed away.

We’ve had tornadoes, hurricanes, economic collapse. Now a virus passes through our homes – this time sparing firstborn – targeting elders. Forecasters predict imminent record heat and a 17-year cicada infestation. Quarantined, glued to screens, video from Minneapolis and Atlanta awakens our hearts.

Will we advance – manumit, listen and comfort our oppressed – or, like Pharaoh, reverse course, chase our past, ultimately being washed away?

Chris Schroder, The 100 Companies

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Darko S. June 29, 2020 - 2:51 pm

Mr. Schroder,
Your comment is a very misguided representation of the Old Testament Bible, Jewish history and comparing it to present day United States.
As an immigrant, I assure you, United States today is the land of the free. Land of opportunity for all. We may not attain all our dreams, we may fall short of our goals, but nowhere, nowhere on this Earth TODAY are we given the freedom to work, pray to our Creator, express our beliefs in public and express injustice (as we individually perceive it to be) publicly and judicially.
We are not created with equal talent, mental acumen or physical attributes. Some have been blessed with more from creation but it is not right for you or I to take away from some to distribute to those less fortunate. All the creatures on this Earth have a pecking order. We as humans are no different. As a Christian, I do believe there is eternal life and we will all be judged on what sort of Grace we extend to each other. Yes, I do believe all lives matter here on earth, but more importantly I believe all Souls matter in Eternity.

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