Home History Haunted history: 3 classic Wisconsin ghost tales

Haunted history: 3 classic Wisconsin ghost tales

Kate Blood tombstone

America’s Dairyland is full of urban legends and fascinating folklore. Consider these haunted tales from around the state:

Summerwind – Regarded as Wisconsin’s most haunted house, this former Vilas County summer home drove 1970s owners Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw to insanity and attempted suicide.

Hotel Retlaw – Today lists this Fond du Lac hotel as one of the most haunted in the country. Founder Walter Schroeder and ill-fated guests are said to roam the halls and haunt Room 717.

Kate Blood gravesite – Brave visitors to this solitary site in Appleton’s Riverside Cemetery have claimed to see blood oozing from the tombstone.

Rebecca Konya

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