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Brew Crew tweets thanks to legions of fans

by Michael Polzella
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This year, Wisconsinites are grateful for their team’s shot at an MLB title for the first time in 36 years. On the success of the season, the Brewers Twitter account tweeted:

“Thank you, #Brewers fans for your support, your energy and your passion. From #NowWeGo to #WeBelieveInJesús to #LetsGOOOOOOOOOO, this season has been an unbelievable journey, and it wouldn’t have happened without you. #ThisIsMyCrew.”

The past season brought record-breaking attendance reports of more than 3 million fans. One thing the Brewers are more grateful for than their 2018 season, though, is the promise of the coming 2019 season.

Jacob Zelinski

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